Access to Food

Success Story

Mary and her family have struggled to afford nutritious food and have benefited from the food bank services in Foley. She remembers her first trip to the Foley food shelf.

“I was so surprised that we were able to get three boxes of food for our family. Unfortunately I couldn’t take it all as I was walking and could carry only some of it,” Mary says.

Mary and her family are very appreciative for the services that the food shelf has provided.

“Our children know what hardship is like and they have all learned to give back and pay it forward,” Mary says. “The family is doing very well with the help from the Foley food shelf and they are grateful for all the help they received.”

The Goal

Ensure that all people have food to nourish themselves so no one in our communities goes hungry.

The Challenge

  • Children who experience food insecurity are at increased risk of poor health and developmental delays. Source: Children’s HealthWatch,
  • Seniors experiencing food insecurity have an increased risk for chronic health conditions due to an association with lower nutrition intake. Source: Spotlight on Senior Health: Adverse Health Outcomes of Food Insecure Older Americans,


  • Strategy: Create greater access to food for more than 33,000 children and adults.

United Way Initiatives

  • Food donation drives at UWCM events and in companies, schools and churches year-round
  • Recruits volunteers of all ages for Kids Fighting Hunger food packaging events
  • Educates community about food programs that help local children, adults and families every day
  • Recruits volunteers for food shelves, home delivered meal programs, and community gardens

Successes with Community Partners

Last year

  • 24,879 local children, adults, families, people with disabilities and elderly had increased access to food to meet their basic needs.
  • 4,098 local people gained knowledge and skills to help them save money, prepare nutritious meals, and keep their foods safe longer.

How you can help

Visit United Way Volunteer Connection to find local volunteer opportunities and look for other ways to get involved. Participate in a local food drive, or start a food drive with your family, workplace, church, neighborhood, or service club. Grow an extra row in your garden and donate this food to an area food shelf.

Fare For All

Are you looking for a way to stretch your Grocery dollar?

Fare for All is open to EVERYONE!

  • Fare for All is community supported
  • The more people who participate, the more savings passed onto customers.
  • There is no need to register in advance
  • Far for All accepts cash, credit, debit, and EBT cards
  • Save up to 40% off on groceries!

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