Leaving a Legacy


Happy New Year! Every New Year brings me such excitement: new resolutions, new aspirations and new ideas for the upcoming months ahead. I take this time to reflect on where I am: What are my challenges? What are my priorities? What is my plan?


Most people reading this are in some way vested in United Way of Central Minnesota and value the incredible impacts being made every day from the organization. From the Early Learning and Early Literacy programs helping foster early educational skills in our youngest people, to our Financial Stability programs providing financial support services to anyone needing a little extra help, United Way’s mission is simple: to improve people’s lives by mobilizing the caring power of Central Minnesota; by helping those people that need it the most. As a vested Central Minnesota community member, I challenge you to think about how you will continue to invest in that caring power . . . in the next months? . . . in the next 5 years? . . . in your lifetime? What will your legacy be? What is your plan?


As my husband and I reflect on our priorities for 2017, we have identified this conversation high on our list. Despite our crazy, busy lives (trying to balance our kids’ school and sporting activities, careers and just daily life; barely knowing what we’re having for dinner every night or if we have ANY clean laundry) we anticipate thinking about the legacy we would like to leave behind to our family and the community organizations we hold closest to us, hopeful our caring power will continue long after us. We are thankful we will be able to give hope to those individuals who need food for dinner or clothes to wear. My hope is that when you plan YOUR legacy, you consider ways to continue to invest in the growth and strength of our community long after your life-time, just as you do now. My hope is that you continue to change the lives of people in our community through your legacy. “The goal isn’t to last forever; the goal is to create something that will.” Chuck Palahniuk, American author.


If you’re considering United Way as part of your legacy conversation, please visit our website https://unitedwayhelps.org/give/ or contact me at 320-229-3501 for more information.


Written by Lori Eich, Director of Individual Giving