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After school I would get off the bus and my mom would greet me with milk and cookies and ask me about my day. Our family ate together every day at 5:00 pm before milking cows on our dairy farm. Being a mother of three, after school activities were a bit different than my childhood. […]

  Growing up in rural Stearns County, I was fortunate enough to grow up on a small farm where I learned the importance of the work that goes into successfully growing a crop and or a garden. There is a certain amount of pride that goes into looking at the full basket of produce that […]

  We are celebrating all of the work our wonderful volunteers do for us! United Way volunteers are invited to a recognition thank you open house. April 12, 2018 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. Urban Lodge Happy Hour (hors d’oeuvres and cash bar) and . . .  BINGO!   Please RSVP Below

Everyone thinks that their child is amazing, gifted and the best. As I stood at the Reception House for the Imagination Library Progressive Dinner last spring, I had all of those thoughts.  Watching my 6 year old daughter stand high above the crowd, mostly so that they could see her, I could not have been […]

Recently, I ran into a childhood friend at the grocery store. She mentioned how grateful she was that my parents helped her family in a time of need. Reflecting on my childhood, I have many memories of my parents helping families and friends when there was an illness, death in the family, or other hardship. […]

As we enjoy the holiday season and engage in the inevitable annual reflection, I find myself thankful for agents of positive change in our community. As understanding of increased social issues have been identified—such as the experience of homelessness, or poverty barriers to education—innovative leaders have recognized problems and taken action. In particular, the arena […]

In my early years, we only had a black and white television at home.  During an unfortunate hospital stay, one of my favorite movies came on tv: The Wizard of Oz.  The reason it was memorable was because for the first time, I saw Munchkin City as Dorothy did, in color! Something was different when I […]

Fifty years ago, United Way of Central Minnesota’s founders formed an organization to fundraise for only a handful of organizations. At that time, St. Cloud only had a few nonprofits. The sole purpose of raising money for a select few organizations was the intent of United Way for the first 10-15 years. Many nonprofits in […]

Every day, as my family returns home after school, childcare and work, there is a phrase spoken: Can I have a snack?  My son, a rapidly growing three-year-old, lets his dimples shine as he says “Please?” and I find it hard to say no. My family is fortunate enough to lead a life where this is […]

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there once was a . . .  “Alexis, are you paying attention?  What was the last thing I said?”  My red face as I stumbled to repeat what I thought my mom had just read to us was not an uncommon occurrence.  My imagination was always […]

  Happy New Year! Every New Year brings me such excitement: new resolutions, new aspirations and new ideas for the upcoming months ahead. I take this time to reflect on where I am: What are my challenges? What are my priorities? What is my plan?   Most people reading this are in some way vested […]

Thank you to all of our donors and friends for another year of improving lives in Central Minnesota. As the year draws to a close now is the perfect time to think about completing any remaining charitable gifts you planned for this year. There are many ways for you to accomplish your gift giving goals […]

My favorite time of year is fast approaching. Thanksgiving, birthdays, Christmas and the New Year are filled with family, friends, shopping, and holiday music. It’s a time to be thankful for what we have and hopeful for the upcoming New Year. The holidays can be hectic and overwhelming too and so I find time to […]

United Way of Central Minnesota pulls together a listing of Holiday programs throughout our service area including, Benton, Sherburne, Stearns and Wright Counties.  Please feel free to help promote these programs, or share this information with someone who might be in need this holiday season. 2016 Program Listing 2016 Holiday Donation Needs flyer Contact 320-252-0227 […]

How do you LIVE UNITED? Whether it’s volunteering to help others such as shoveling snow for your neighbor, helping a classmate with homework, volunteering at church or donating your used clothing to a local nonprofit, youth in our community are making a difference and we want to hear about it. United Way of Central Minnesota, […]

  Where did you sleep last night? Many of us have an easy and consistent answer, but for over 450 school-age children in Central Minnesota last year, the answer would’ve been shelters, hotels, temporary foster care, vehicles, or outdoors. Having two boys in elementary school myself, I’m saddened to know the reality facing their friends […]

What do dunk tanks, pennies and baby photos have in common? They are just three examples of fun ideas companies use to engage their employees during their United Way campaign. Running a United Way campaign in your workplace isn’t what it used to be, it’s so much more! I have the honor of being a […]

Its officially August, which for many brings back memories of younger years and that anxious feeling you had when it was back to school time.   Thoughts racing through that little head of who your teachers would be, will any of my friends be in my class,  and personally I always worried about who I would […]

I am blessed with an active and healthy three-year-old daughter. Despite my efforts to broaden her interests, she’s very much enchanted with kittens, princesses, and unicorns, transitioning effortlessly from picking raspberries as a flying pony to planning tea parties in her couch-cushion castle. Unfortunately, of late her fantasy world is increasingly interrupted with questions. Why […]

Central Minnesota Communities Coalition is bridging gaps in our community by bringing people together to develop relationships that create peace – because we are better together. Join with your neighbors and community organizations in an effort to feed those among us who are hungry right here in Central Minnesota. Together we will pack 100,000 desperately […]